Photo stills from W5 concert & studio
The world will come to an end but music and love will endure (Irish proverb)
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Raymond McCullough  
Author, media producer, satellite radio & podcast host and Celtic folk/rock singer/songwriter  
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Celtic Roots Craic!

The band

Kelly Fitzpatrick is Raymond’s eldest daughter (32). Both she and her sister, Connaire, have accompanied Raymond off and on since 1993, when for three weeks they performed in town centres and other venues all over the south of Ireland, using a rented mobile coffee-shop bus – the ‘Tea Trawler’ – in a show called, ‘Let the Flame Burn!’.

Kelly is a professional photographer and took the shots shown in the Gallery. She is also an aspiring keyboard player, holding a Diploma in Media Studies, from Belfast Metropolitan College, with a focus on TV production and camera work. At present, she runs a child care service with her husband, Padraic.

Connaire McCullough is Raymond’s younger daughter (30), and has also been performing since 1993, when both girls also took part in an all-Ireland tour of music, mime and dance called, ‘Bridge the Gap’. Later that same year, the girls accompanied Raymond to Israel, when they performed in Jerusalem, Tiberias, Haifa and Tel Aviv. Both girls have also travelled with Raymond to film in native reserves in northern Manitoba, Canada (2007).

Connaire, an accomplished writer and poet, graduated from Queen's University, Belfast, in English and Drama, completed a course in Newspaper Journalism (2005) and another course in Media Production, leading to placement with BBC Northern Ireland. She is currently learning guitar and bodhran, while working as an Archive Manager with BBC NI in Belfast.

David McCartney is Raymond’s grandson (14), and the latest addition to the band. He has been learning percussion for some time now, and has also recently taken up the guitar. David is currently studying at Lagan College, Belfast.

Guest musicians on the Into Jerusalem album:

Niall McClean, Bangor, Co. Down is a peripatetic (travelling) music & violin teacher and one mean fiddler! Niall comes from a gifted family of fiddlers and other musicians and also regularly plays/tours with Brendan Monaghan. He also has some recordings of his own music available on CD.

Davy Hamilton comes from Bangor, Co. Down. He plays Irish flute, (wooden flute); tin whistle, low whistle and other whistles; bodhran, bongoes, djembe drum, etc.

He has performed in such prestigious venues as Belfast’s Ulster Hall, City Hall and the Europa Hotel; as well as at pubs, festivals, etc. all over Ireland. He has also travelled and performed in Cyprus, (St. Patricks Day events this past five years); and in Spain, and Germany.

George Eggleston lives sometimes in Bangor, sometimes in his new home in Co. Roscommon. He plays the Uilleann pipes, whistle, low whistle, accordion and mandolin and puts in an appearance at many an Irish music session.

We also had accordion on some songs from John Walker, who plays around Belfast/North Down and also leads worship at his church in Belfast.

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